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Welcome to my HELL!

Have a seat in the hand basket

18 October
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About me:
"Some people say I'm a bad influence! I say the world is already fucked, I'm just adding to it."- Marshal Mathers. I am MERC! The Metrosexual Industrial DJ! Don't pay attention to that fucked up article done on me in the Honolulu Weekly. Poorly done and misquoted me. Made me sound like a fairy. Not that I have a problem with people like that, but I'm not one so I don't really appreciate being portrayed as one. I like my friends quote of the type of Metro-sexual I am "I'll serve you a nice dinner, but fuck up and I'll serve you your teeth". I love music of pretty much all types. I enjoy the out the outdoors. I am a little obsessive compulsive. I keep a neat house because I like my guests to feel comfortable in my home. I don't have the usual bachelor pad because I take pride in my home. I enjoy cooking for friends and "family". Italian food is my favorite and best. I enjoy watching movies on my couch. Just chilling and relaxing with a beer and a cheesy horror movie. It's a good balance between and active social life, an active physical life and a calm lonely home life.

Who I'd like to meet:
NO MORE DRAMA! I can't stand anymore drama kings or queens! I wanna meet kewl d00ds who like bashing knee caps and extracting revenge. Females that know good shoes and how to dress with style! A woman that enjoys my kindness and wants me to spoil them but won't run away after a month of being treated well. Rivet/Cyber Chix0rs! Intelligent conversation, with anyone. AIM me at : DizmalXistance